Our Vision

Making an effective collaboration platform in the education system, globally

Our Mission

Enabling a most effective education system

Our Values & Culture

Our Values

Integrity and Ethics

Open and Growth Mindset

Creative & Innovative

Business Focused

Caring & Responsible

Win-Win Situation Maker

Our Culture


Loyal and Respectful

Transparent and Accountable

Leadership and Teamwork

Committed & Punctual

One Eduman

Our Expertise

Our Goals

Eliminating the parent's concern about his/her child's day-to-day learning progress in the classroom.

Making real-time information & collaboration system between teacher and parents about the students.​​

Reducing the usage of paper, wasting of time, and operational hassles of the school administration.​

Sitting up an outstanding teaching system for the Teachers' convenience.​

Changing the ambiguities in the education system and establishing a transparent environment.​

Creating a real-time synchronization system between teacher and students in the classroom & beyond.​

Establishing a blended education system where home and classroom will be like bird’s wings for the student to fly far away.​

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Journey of Eduman

The story started with two tech-enthusiastic and one common interest “Making the Education Effective”.  Raihan Nobel (MD) and Abdur Rahman Mamun (DMD) started their journey of Eduman. Soon they realized that the education sector is far away from the world of information technology. Eduman was born as an initiative to solve this problem. They started with the goal of digitizing education and first took the initiative to digitize the administrative activities of educational institutions. 

Starting was not easy as the software was a new concept to educational institutions at that time. It took a lot of hard work to make this technology familiar to them. The first version of Eduman Software was released as a desktop version. The third version of Eduman Software was introduced  and it came up with a web version and software SAAS as a service model.

To introduce Eduman to a bigger perspective, a community partnership model. Currently, more than 1200+ community partners have been giving local support to the institution all over Bangladesh. Eduman brought institutions from urban to remote under its service. More than 5,000 educational institutions, over 25,00,000 students and over 70,000 teachers came under the umbrella of Eduman. And then, Eduman launched its sixth edition.

Due to the deadly impact of Covid-19, educational institutions around the world got badly affected. All the educational institutions of Bangladesh were instructed to keep closed for almost two years. Eduman stood the whole time beside the institutions in the huge loss period. Eduman kept its door of services open all the time. So that educational institutions can come back strongly and continue their online activities.

Eduman emerged as an independent edtech company in 2022 and came with the features to a greater extent. Eduman was mainly focused on the operational work of educational institutions. But now, Eduman has expanded its scope with the complete 360 ​​degrees of an education system. In addition to the management of educational institutions, classroom management, content management, digitization of teaching methods, and time management of educational institutions, teachers, students, and parents, Eduman has started working to digitize education management in the light of the new education policy of Bangladesh Government. Eduman is going ahead to a new journey to digitalize the education system of Bangladesh with a new scope and enthusiasm. In no time Eduman will flourish beyond the country’s border and work globally by 2025.

Company Leadership

Raihan Nobel

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Abdur Rahman Mamun

Co-Founder & Technology Advisor

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